Why Multi-Housing?

Multi-Housing is defined as a community that consist of housing units of two or more in the same building; or of many single units within a well-defined area such as a mobile home park.

According to statistics, 50% of the US population lives in some form of multi-housing community, and 96% of them are lost or unchurched.

Community causes people to stay, to renew their lease. The turnover rate in apartment complexes is 65% or higher because of lack of community. Our goal in multi-housing ministry is to create a sense of community. Our first line of ministry is to the manager and staff. If we can create that sense of community, the managers job will become easier because the retention rate will increase.

We hold events at these multi-housing locations to connect residents and give the manager a chance to mingle, if they choose to do so.

Ultimately, our goal is to establish a new church from the small groups we begin at different complexes. We have established a small group at Lakota Pointe and are in the process of trying to begin a few different small groups. Our vision for Abundant Life Church is to be a church plant that plants other churches. As people come to know Christ and are properly discipled, eventually some of them will move and part of our prayer and strategy is that they will start and establish church plants themselves at their new locations.